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About Us

From the moment you enter the store, whether you are looking for furniture, fashion or home decor, you will encounter a store like no other. Your unique shopping experience will  leave you feeling inspired and you will have a strong desire to "inspire someone else ". For store owner Debbie Cain this simple idea is the framework of Inspirations. She knew her vision included more than one right answer. The next step, a community of boutique owners was created allowing her dream to appeal to all who walk through the door. The first thing you notice visiting Inspirations is the desire to return to basics and bring the appeal of new and old charm.

Mirrored in the selection of vendors, you will find everything from traditional to contemporary designs and the desire to bring back the value of customer service. When you walk in you will not be helped by a salesperson, but rather a person eager to help you plan an entire area, transforming a house into a home. You will not just be buying a dress, scarf or accessory, but purchasing items to complete your wardrobe including those unique signature pieces.

After 20 years selling home decor, Debbie Cain will tell you this is the environment she longed to build. A school teacher for 38 years, glowing mother of three sons, elder at her local church, treasurer of the National Inclusion Project and a wife of a loving, supportive husband, her vision has finally been fulfilled.

“Go Inspire Someone” is exactly what Debbie Cain has done at Inspirations. Time and time again she will tell you, “All I wanted to do was create a place that makes you feel good when you walk in the door!”.





Debbie Cain

Store Owner

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