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Our First Outdoor Photo Shoot

Maybe it's too much time on Pinterest, but we got this idea to do a photo shoot on my front lawn. At sunset. The weather is great, everything is starting to bloom and it's all so green, let's try it!

But, it was windy. Everything was fluttering and blowing around. We had to stop taking photos so the chandelier would stop swinging, for example.

Then add a dog and there is a bit more to deal with. Although Maple will pose any way you want for treats!

Believe it or not, I already had most of these faux presents in storage, ready to go!

Here are the final 2 shots that made the cut (above). I edited a few things... I made the dress form gold instead of silver and straightened out the swinging chandelier.

Which of those do you prefer? The photo with or without the dog?

Maple says with and she also thinks she was the star of the show!

Many thanks to Kelly at Pop of Paint for dragging this gorgeous French dresser to my home and back and thank you to Koket Boutique for letting me borrow this beautiful dress and dress form. Thank you to Sandy from Awesome Abode for letting me take so many flowers and for that super fab pillow, thank you to Dale for letting me take the lantern and for helping me load and unload the chair, which has a mate and is for sale at Inspirations! The chandelier, birdcage and necklaces came from the Violet Cottage booth. All of this is at Inspirations, actually, including those candle sticks. Except for Maple, she stays here ;)

If one of these images make the cut, it'll become postcards at the store, free for you to grab and share!

Thanks for reading!

Carrie of Violet Cottage

The sun through the trees looks so dreamy!

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