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Meet our Artists - Renae Michelle of Dedfox Illustration

I'm a freelance illustrator based out of Durham, NC. If you frequent any of the local craft fairs or conventions in the triangle you may have seen me before or at least heard of my Legend of Zelda Rupee and Pokemon Evolution Stone themed handmade novelty soaps. Soapmaking was something I picked up a few years ago and have a lot of fun with but my real passion is drawing and painting.

I got my start as a theater prop painter/ set designer back in high school and made a living as a large scale mural painter for local churches back in Michigan while I was in college. I received my BFA in Traditional Illustration back in 2013.... which really just means I have a very expensive piece of paper that says I'm skilled in art mediums that are becoming a bit obsolete.

Nevertheless, dedfox is an ever-growing brand. Digital, oil paint, watercolor, pencil, ink, sculpture, photography, writing, soapmaking, rudimentary cell animation. I dabble in a little bit of everything. Whats that saying? Jack of all trades, master of none?

I'm always accepting commissions in my Etsy shop. The weirder the better. My own style tends to sit somewhere between “cute” and “macabre” so if you like adorable dead things and sea monsters, then look no further. You can find updates on what I'm working on via my facebook page as well as my tumblr blog and blog. Occasionally on my personal instagram you will find updates on whatever I'm working on in my spare time or which event I'm currently preparing merchandise for.

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