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Meet Our Artists - Erica Ortman

Boone posing in front of one of Erica's beautiful paintings

Erica is a Transportation Planner with an engineering background.  She says that being creative is a way to experience flow and relieve stress. 

When not working or painting, you can find her in hot yoga or running with her Golden Retriever, Boone (who has his own Instagram account!).

She paints acrylic on canvas with vibrant colors.  Some abstract, some florals and some whimsical.

A sampling of Erica's floral pieces

Having lived in Dallas, Birmingham and now Raleigh, she definitively says she loves Raleigh the best!

She's an avid DIY'er and has accomplished some very impressive projects in her home.  We recommend visiting her Instagram page to see some of her before and after pics as well as her art!

Thank you Erica for participating in the Flamingo Parade, We are very excited to see what you create!

How cute is Boone??

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