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Meet our Artists - Carrie Rosenquist

Acrylic on wood flowers - Maple for scale

Carrie grew up in Los Angeles and has a degree in Film/Animation from CalArts.

She's drawn to whimsical, colorful and busy styles of art and gathers lots of inspiration from Disney animation artists and illustrators past and present.  She is especially fond of Mary Blair who did concept design art for Cinderella and Disney's famous ride, It's a Small World.

Acrylic on Bristol Inspired by Mary Blair

Carrie's medium of choice is acrylic on anything but she also uses watercolor, mixed media and enjoys the occasional photo shoot.  She's also made jewelry for over 25 years, bath products for 17 years and been sucked into other medium fads including the fimo boom of the '90s.

Dog Party Photo Shoot

"I paint a lot of different things now, but I spent over 10 years painting mostly cupcakes.  Hyper-focused on icing and sprinkles.  I don't know why, maybe it's a good childhood memory?  I finally broke free of those fairy cakes, after some teasing, and I now paint lots of other things... like tiered cakes!"

And dogs, birds, landscapes...

Carrie has created a line of greeting cards.  She has over 200 designs, each comes from her hand painted art. 

Marie Cationette - Blank Inside

In her spare time, she likes to create things, not clean up after said creations and do little watercolor art pages like so...

Hillsborough, NC Visitor Center on the 4th of July

"I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with my flamingo... but I may have to do something cakey, and just embrace the obsession."

Carrie lives in Cary with her husband and Golden Retriever, Maple, who is completely spoiled.

You can see 12 years of her blogging here, browse her cards here (or go see them at Inspirations), visit her Violet Cottage Facebook page and Instagram page.

Maple Halloween | Golden watercolor | Carrie in Emeryville

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