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Inspirations' Boutique Owner Spotlight: Alexandra of Koket Boutique

Alexandra putting together a new outfit in her boutique

When you first enter the Koket Boutique space, you encounter bold, bright, happy colors and beautiful trendy dresses, rompers and tops.  If you love colorful floral fashion, this is definitely the place to be.

Alexandra opened Koket Boutique in 2016 when the stresses of the corporate world had taken a toll on her and she yearned for a creative outlet.  While shopping, her go-to stress reliever, she noticed that there wasn't a lot of fashion out there that spoke to her.  So, that's when she decided to open her own clothing shop.

Alexandra comes from a long line of women entrepreneurs.  Her Mother and Grandmother both sold boutique clothing in Puerto Rico and were passionate about fashion. 

"They used to sell clothing before big stores were all over the place.  I remember how happy their customers would be when they found something that fit them perfectly and the glow they would get... that feeling of confidence when you like how you look and feel.  I kept that memory and brought it with me when I opened Koket Boutique. I pay close attention to the trends, but not all trends are flattering to a normal woman's body.  So, I look for brands, fabrics and fits that are going to fit a broader audience and make more women happy."   

"Fashion is a creative outlet - I like and look for clothing that is trendy, comfortable and goes from day to night with ease.  You'll see the way I display my pieces, I may put a little jacket or vest and a necklace with a top, to show you how you can dress it up."

Alexandra with her daughter, Elenor

We asked Alexandra how being a new Mom has changed her style. 

"My style has changed in a sense that I look for more comfortable pieces that make it easier for me to run around after my daughter.  I like pieces that are unique and have a great bold print, lots of color or both. And I've always leaned towards comfort over trend, so maybe my style hasn't actually hasn't changed that much!"

Lastly, we asked her where she sees the future of fashion going...

"Fashion is always evolving, but trends always come back.  The 90's for example, I'm seeing a lot of tulle and velvet, platforms and crop tops coming back in! Right now, we are seeing a lot of bold florals, stripes and bright colors but come Fall, we'll see a more subdued color palette and less eye-catching patterns.  We can't wait to show you our new Fall styles!"

Alexandra is just one of the wonderful entrepreneurs at Inspirations, and we have a great group!  We'll be introducing you to more of them in the coming weeks!

Visit Koket Boutique's Facebook page, Instagram Page and her Pinterest Board to see all of her new pieces.

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