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From The Garden To The Table Event

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Awesome Abode's classes today were a hit!

Sandy taught orchid arranging and how to assemble a variety of tablescapes. It was the perfect thing to do on this rainy day.

In Sandy's words:

"We had a group of ladies who were very motivated in learning some floral design basics and a few 'high brow' hints. We had fun! In pairs they grouped up and created an orchid floral. One arrangement went home with a client, she loved it! The other collected the orchid favorites and took something special home. At the end, they gave each other hugs and agreed to all come back together to the How to Fill a Bowl Beautifully class on April 18th!"

Above is one of the arrangements they did.

Sandy continued, "As for the tablescapes, I affectionately term them 'Festive Tables'. We started from the simple basics... cost effective tips to the more elaborate 'just shoot for the moon!'. We talked double and triple placemats, what I call 'placemat texture color stacking'." Shown below:

"They loved the table changes and the trick where we ran the ribbon diagonally across the table and tied it off to the table legs." One client said, "You made me get excited about not matching everything perfectly."

Sandy tells us to intentionally not match everything up and to mix up mercury glass with regular glass and have fun with it. Use different charger plates, napkin rings and napkins, add florals, candles and layer it up.

As the class went on, they gathered more students who were browsing the store. One said "You lectured, had us do some hands-on and ran us through this store table after table and it felt like 30 minutes, not an hour and 30 minutes!"

There were lots of answered questions and smiles all around.

Sandy is an expert when it comes to floral arrangements, wreath design, wedding flowers, bouquets and interior design. We are so grateful that she is part of the Inspirations team.

You don't want to miss any of her other in-store events! Check out our events schedule to see what is coming up.

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Looks like a great event!

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