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Face Your Fears for Charity!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

The National Inclusion Project believes that every child can participate, every child can make a friend and every child can succeed. They've made it their mission to make the inclusion of children with disabilities in all sorts of activities the expectation, not the exception. They do this by working with community organizations and recreational programs to provide them with training, tools and support so that children with disabilities can be included in all of their activities and programs!

Pretty fantastic, right?

The National Inclusion Project is having a Face Your Fears Fundraising Challenge. You declare that if you raise a certain amount of money that you will face your fear!

Our amazing manager, Dale, has promised that he will face one of his fears and play the piano in public at the store if he raises $1000! Visit Dale's fundraiser page to give and to encourage him! How fun would it be to see him play?!

Here's Dale declaring his commitment to face his fear:

Not sure if you caught that... at the end, Dale challenged the owner of Inspirations, Debbie, to face her fear of SNAKES! So, if Debbie raises $500, she'll touch a live snake at the store!! Please visit Debbie's Fundraiser page and donate, it'll be SO awesome to see this!!

To put even more FUN in this FUNdraiser, we are so incredibly honored to have Ed Horlick of Snakes of the Triangle joining us and he's bringing his friendliest, cutest little "noodle" for Debbie to touch. And for YOU to touch, too! If you have a fear of snakes, maybe you should Face Your Fear for The National Inclusion Project, too! Ed will be telling us a little about our local snakes and will be joined by a cuddly, harmless little friend or two for us to see and possibly touch, if you want to. No pressure.

Deadline to donate towards our goal is Saturday, September 15!

Join us on Saturday, October 13th for the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck, possibly some live piano music by Dale (!!) and a few other surprises! More event details will be posted as they come together.

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