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Elements of Our Beach Bash Invitation

There are a lot of great elements, all hand-painted, scattered about our recent Beach Bash invitation... Bottom left is Surf Pooch hanging out in Hawaii, which is acrylic on canvas, then as we work our way up, that's a watercolor painting of the Raleigh Skyline, then at the top left, that's a Shag-inspired Tiki in front of Diamond Head in Honolulu. Then a watercolor palm tree, a watercolor flamingo. Bottom right is a watercolor food truck and on the way up is a fancy cat wearing pearls portrait done with acrylic on canvas.

The back doesn't have as much hand-painted art, but the palm trees are watercolor.

We have the above at the store in a single glossy postcard. Please come up and grab a few!

We are *so* excited about our upcoming Beach Bash event. I'll be sharing more about each of our artists who are creating flamingos to auction off for the SPCA of Wake County.


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